Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Introductions are Only Fun Once

Before I begin to review the many books I have sitting on my bookshelf, extreme looks of anticipation in their invisible eyes, waiting to be rated and dissected by yours truly, I think a few pre-blogging introductions are in order.
Hi, I'm juliana, and I am a book addict.
Yes, there is my confession. I read, and I buy stories and novels of all sorts, generally the latter faster than the first. As a result I have books upon books waiting to be read and waiting for my opinions to be smeared across their bindings.
So this is where Mocha and a Book of Flowers comes in.
What better way to read and review books faster than creating a blog? The answer? No way. And the title, you curious darlings may ask, simply refers to my love of mocha coffee (oh sweet deliciousness) and how books in their own right are as beautiful as a bushel of flowers that flourish in your garden. Or, perhaps on that rare (or sometimes not-so-rare) occasion, a bouquet of old and foul smelling flowers that really just need to be thrown away.
The majority of books I read are YA, but I do read some adult books here and there.
So, without any further a-do, let's fire up the ol' coffeemaker, rip of the top of a can of cocoa powder, and crack open the pages of a good flower.


  1. Nothing like a great book accompanied by a mocha. Though i stick with white mochas, yum!...cracking blog, TToria

  2. Books can be fully enjoyed in the company of steaming cup of mocha!We should form a sisterhood of Mocha Readers!

    I agree with TToria ,awesome blog!But I have to admit it's kind of distracting with the big cups of deliciousness!There is no hope for me:P

    btw I'm on GR too, on the YABC:)